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Bonsai For Wholesale - Choosing Bonsai Pots

  • Saturday, 18 May 2024
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Bonsai For Wholesale - Choosing Bonsai Pots

Bonsai pots are a very important factor in the success of a bonsai tree, they must match or compliment the tree and enhance its beauty.wholesale potted flower bonsai for wholesale The correct size pots, colours and textures all need to be considered. There are many different pots made by potters and potteries throughout the world some of which are specialised in bonsai pots and have a wide range of styles and textures to choose from.

Generally speaking small pots are best for most species of miniature trees.wholesale potted flower bonsai for wholesale This is due to their small root bases which means that the pot must be small enough for the roots to fit in but large enough for the trunk and branch structure to be accommodated. This also makes it easier to maintain the small size of the tree in the pot without having to continually repot the tree.

A good general rule is to re-pot trees when their roots are beginning to reach the bottom of the pot.wholesale potted flower bonsai for wholesale This will ensure that the roots are able to find fresh soil and will not become stagnant. However re-potting should be done with great care and is a critical part of caring for a bonsai, as the wrong pot can cause stress to the tree and will slow its growth.

The shape of a pot should also be taken into account. Straight trunked trees tend to look best in square or rectangular pots while curved or soft trunked trees work well with shallow round pots. Pots can be decorated with coloured glazes, which adds to the visual appeal and can be matched or contrasted with a particular tree. Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange are suitable for tropical or exotic species whereas cool or muted blues and greens work well with most deciduous or coniferous specimens.

Textures in pots are also important, smooth clay finishes are often suited to feminine or androgynous specimens whereas heavily textured pots bring out the masculine nature of coniferous or ficus tree species.

Pot choice is a subjective process and it will ultimately be down to the individual's own taste. There are many pots available from a variety of sources and enthusiasts can also make their own pots using materials such as lava rock, sphagnum moss or seashells. However the vast majority of pots used in bonsai are manufactured by specialist bonsai potters or potteries based throughout the world. In this way a wide selection of pot shapes, textures and designs are available to the enthusiastic hobbyist. Many enthusiasts will experiment with a variety of pots to find what suits their tree and their own personal tastes. This may also include experimenting with a range of coloured gels, paints and sands which can all be used to create unique bonsai pots.

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