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Cheap Cacti Make Great Houseplants

  • Sunday, 05 May 2024
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Cheap Cacti Make Great Houseplants

Cacti are low-maintenance houseplants that add a touch of desert allure to your cactus plants Their unique forms, quirky colors and interesting textures make them an attractive addition to any interior decor scheme. While many cacti have sharp spines, others are soft and fuzzy or lack them altogether. They require little breeding, pruning or feeding, and they are generally very inexpensive to grow. They also make great gifts for anyone with a green thumb.

The cactus plant family is comprised of succulent plants that store moisture in their pads, stems and branches to survive periods of drought or scorching cactus plants These plants tend to thrive in sunny, warm conditions with sandy or rocky soil, making them ideal for arid climates such as the desert. These hardy plants make wonderful houseplants because of their forgiving nature, with minimal care needed to bring them to bloom.

Most cacti are slow-growing, but they can become quite beautiful over the cactus plants If you're patient, they may even reward you with stunning flowers. The easiest way to keep a cactus plant healthy is to use the right type of soil and water. Cacti need loose, well-draining potting mix that contains partially sand or grit and some regular soil. They do not like waterlogged soil, so you should only water them when the top inch of soil is dry.

You can find a good quality cactus growing mix at most gardening stores or buy it cactus plants To create your own, combine a peat-free multipurpose compost with a bit of horticultural grit or vermiculite for drainage. Fill a clean container with the potting mix and lightly scatter cactus seeds on top of it, covering them lightly. Moisten the soil thoroughly but not so much that it puddles. Gently pat the soil down, and then cover it with a thin layer of sand or soil.

When the seeds germinate, gradually remove the sand or grit and replace it with a heavier layer of regular cactus plants Water regularly to prevent the cactus from drying out. The most common cause of cactus plant death is overwatering, so be careful when watering. Water them when the soil is dry and wait a week or so between waterings in summer, dropping down to once every two weeks in winter.

When you're repotting a cactus, be sure to wear thick gardening gloves and tongs for safety. Some cacti have sharp spines, and if you don't hold it carefully with the tongs, you can get pricked or scratched. After you remove the old clump of roots, repot the cactus into a container that is only slightly larger than the original one. This helps the plant to drain properly, and prevents the buildup of moisture in the bottom of the pot that leads to rot. Water it a few days before transplanting, and make sure you have a potting mix that's specially designed for cacti.

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