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How to Care For a Calathea Plant

  • Saturday, 23 March 2024
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How to Care For a Calathea Plant

A calathea plant (also known as prayer plants, zebra plant or peacock plant) is a beautiful addition to any home or office space.calathea plant These tropical beauties can grow to be quite large and are known for their vibrant green leaves. Originally from the tropics, calathea plants do best when kept in conditions that mimic their native environment. Calatheas love humidity and warmth, but need to be protected from drafts and sunlight that will burn their leaves. With a bit of extra care, you can grow a lush and healthy calathea in your home or office.

To keep a calathea healthy, water it regularly.calathea plant The soil should be moist, but not soggy. Calatheas are sensitive to certain minerals in tap water, so using filtered or distilled water will help to avoid yellow spots on the leaves. Misting the plant is also a good way to add moisture without overwatering, as calatheas can become susceptible to root rot when the soil becomes too saturated.

Like many houseplants, calatheas require a well-draining soil that’s rich in nutrients. Look for a potting mix that contains ingredients like compost, pine bark, coco coir and worm castings. When repotting, always use a container that’s at least 1 to 2 inches larger in diameter than the original pot. Otherwise, the roots will be overcrowded and unable to efficiently take up water and nutrients.

Calatheas need plenty of indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight as it can burn their leaves. A bathroom or kitchen window is ideal for calatheas, but they can also be kept in a warm spot that’s away from drafts and strong sunlight. Calatheas aren’t fond of cold temperatures, either, so it’s important to protect them from chills and frost.

A calathea requires a medium-to-high level of humidity, but this is sometimes hard to achieve in indoor spaces. You can add humidity to the air around your calathea by placing it near a humidifier or by adding a tray filled with pebbles and water to its container. Another option is to keep your calathea in a terrarium, but make sure the container is large enough to accommodate its sprawling growth.

When it comes to fertilizing, a calathea needs a balanced liquid fertilizer applied monthly at half strength during the spring and summer, ceasing in winter as growth slows. It’s also a good idea to trim brown and yellow leaves and wipe the leaves with a damp cloth on a regular basis to keep them looking their best.

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