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Wholesale Chinese Evergreens - Aglaonema Varieties

  • Monday, 25 March 2024
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Wholesale Chinese Evergreens - Aglaonema Varieties

Chinese evergreens are among the most popular houseplant varieties out there, and it’s easy to see why.wholesale chinese aglaonema varieties young plant seedlings are available These clump-forming plants are easy to grow and provide unique, colorful foliage that complements nearly any type of planter or furniture. They’re also hardy, and they can tolerate a wide range of indoor conditions.

Originally native to shady and humid Asian tropical forests, aglaonema species naturally grow in low-light conditions.wholesale chinese aglaonema varieties young plant seedlings are available As a result, they can tolerate much lower light than many other houseplants. However, if you want your aglaonema to thrive, it is best to provide the plant with moderate to bright indirect light and keep soil consistently moist.

In the horticulture world, the term “Aglaonema” refers to any of 21 distinct species in the genus Aglaonema. They are characterized by their dark green leaves, and some of them produce pink or red leaf accents. These varying colors help to distinguish the various Aglaonema species from one another, which is useful for home gardeners. The majority of aglaonema cultivars are hybrids of Aglaonema philippinense, which is naturally found in the Philippines and Indonesia, but other species such as Aglaonema rotundum, Aglaonema costacum, and Aglaonema brevispathum are often used in the production of new aglaonema varieties.

Green aglaonema varieties are some of the most familiar, and they tend to be more resistant to frost than other types. They are generally less expensive than the pink and red varieties and can be grown without any special care. Typically, they prefer warm temperatures and are more tolerant of low light than their pink and red cousins.

The aglaonema 'Green Beauty' produces lance-shaped, silvery green leaves with white and dark green striations that create a distinctive variegated effect. It grows quickly and can withstand cold weather well.

Aglaonema 'Spring Snow' is another white variety that has a lot in common with certain Dieffenbachia cultivars, including its leaf shape and growth pattern. This is a very bushy cultivar, and it features dark green leaf bases mottled with a generous confetti of whitish-cream flecks.

If you’re looking for a more colorful aglaonema, the 'Red Valentine' is a great choice. This particular cultivar has a more pronounced coloration than most of the other pink aglaonemas, and it can be difficult to tell if you have 'Red Valentine' or 'Sparkling Sarah' planted next to each other. It is also somewhat more resistant to frost than other pink aglaonema varieties and grows quickly.

For a softer, more pastel shade, the Aglaonema 'Juliette' is the perfect option. This cultivar has light, silvery green leaves with darker green coloration along the leaf edges and dispersed on the midribs. It is not the fastest growing aglaonema, but it does produce some of the most stunning variegated leaves in the world.

Another softer variety, the Aglaonema 'Emerald Star' has beautiful, dense leaves that are silver-gray with a combination of dark and light green spots. It is an excellent choice for beginners who want a aglaonema that is relatively easy to grow, but that still looks nice in many different settings.

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