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Wholesale Grafted Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii Moon Cactus Live Plant

  • Saturday, 11 May 2024
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Wholesale Grafted Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii Moon Cactus Live Plant


A cactus atop another cactus makes for one of the strangest combinations in nature. It is what makes the wholesale grafted gymnocalycium mihanovichii moon cactus live plant so fascinating. These mutant cacti can’t survive on their own because they lack chlorophyll which is necessary for photosynthesis. Instead, they must be grafted onto the green base cactus which provides them with the chlorophyll they need to thrive. The resulting plants are then able to reveal the hidden beauty of their red pigmentation that would otherwise be covered up by their need for photosynthesis.

The base cactus of this grafted cactus is known as Selenicereus undatus, or Dragonfruit Plant, and the colored top cactus is Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, or Moon Cactus. The two cacti are joined together using the art of horticultural grafting.

Moon cacti are short-lived, and the longevity of these grafted cacti is dependent on how well the green rootstock cactus does in providing its nutrient requirements. This can be affected by a number of factors such as watering, fertilizing and temperature.

These cacti are best suited for indoor conditions in cool temperatures. They will not do well in warm sun and will likely die if the temperature is too hot. In winter, bring the cactus inside and place it in indirect light. This will help the cactus to overwinter.

This unique cactus is a horticultural curiosity that was developed in Japan during the war years. It is a winter dormant succulent with a slow growth rate. It is also a sensitive plant that does not like direct sunlight, and must be protected from hot, bright sun.

Moon cactus are easy to grow, but do not grow quickly. They are a beautiful addition to any indoor plant collection. They are ideal for use as decorative accents in offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also great for gifting to friends and family.

This grafted cactus will arrive in a plastic pot that measures 3.0” in diameter. This is the smallest pot size that we offer. It is recommended to repot every three to four years in the spring, using a ‘Cactus & Succulent’ potting mix. Repotting too often can cause root rot and other issues.

Water: Poke a finger or a small stick into the soil and check for moisture. Water when the topsoil (3-4 inches) feels dry to the touch. Water thoroughly during the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy seasons.

Fertilize: Fertilize every two months with a 'Cactus' or 'Houseplant' labelled feed.

Planting: These cactus need support and should be kept in a container with good drainage. They are not very fast growing, so they are often best when kept in a medium sized container.

The grafted cactus requires minimal pruning, but you can remove any offsets or pups that emerge from the base to maintain a neat appearance. It may be desirable to prune the graft union so the colors are reflected in the entire plant.

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