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Wholesale Top Selling 45cm Pachira Aquatica

  • Monday, 22 April 2024
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Wholesale Top Selling 45cm Pachira Aquatica

About wholesale top selling 45cm pachira aquatica

The Money plant (Pachira Aquatica) is a tropical houseplant popular for its braided trunk and wide, shiny leaves. It’s a good choice for novice plant lovers because it doesn’t require much attention. This plant grows well indoors and tolerates a variety of conditions. It’s also very effective in improving air quality by removing toxins and reducing odors, especially tobacco smoke.

This plant thrives in warm temperatures, but is sensitive to cold drafts and can scorch in direct sunlight. Water your Pachira regularly, but don’t let the soil become waterlogged; it’s better to have slightly dry soil than overwatering. Fertilize it once a month during the growing season with a liquid plant nutrition at half strength.

This plant is a favorite in Feng Shui because it symbolizes prosperity and is believed to bring good luck. In addition, it is a very adaptable plant which can survive in different climates and can even grow in a dark room.

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