Why choose us?

Why choose us?

1-Competitive price
Price is higher? Or price is lower which scare you the quality?
We will help you to by pass this problem. Our own farm and green house 
potting will make supply shortest and we can give the more competitive price.

2 -Excellent quality & Stable volume
300-600 container per year
20, 000 pots per day potted

One pot by 4 times quality checking.
Stock enough for whole year around order.
Big amount per certain size that bulk amount for big customer like Supermarket etc.

3 -Good technique support
Would you like to know more about your plant?
Warmly welcome have a visit our farm. We do not only sell the plants but also supply the solution. We will give instruction the way to handle after container arrival at your nursery including the temperature and environment that plant like most etc.

4- Professional
20+ years plants' experience to help you to avoid the pitfalls. Delivery the excellent quality and value your plant.