Colourful Maohannimix Lithops Natural Live Succulent Plants

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Product NameColourful Maohannimix Lithops Natural Live Succulent Plants

Product category : Succulents 

Product description: Lithops 

More Features:Lithopscommonly known as stone jade, is a general term for species of Lithops (or Lithops). Because of its unique shape and colorful, it is a popular ornamental plant nowadays.

Lithops is a type of succulent plant mainly produced in South Africa and Namibia. The plant is short and consists mainly of two opposite fleshy leaves. The top is flat with a slit in the center from which the flowers emerge.
Lithops has obvious seasonality, its native place is quite dry in summer, usually dormant in summer; it grows normally in winter. Common Lithops are: Fulai Jade, Pattern Jade, Sun Wheel Jade, Zhu Xianyu, Madam Li and Shouli Jade. The seeds of Lithops are so tiny, dust-like, that they are barely visible when sown, while the seedlings are so similar that you have to wait until they become adults to tell which species they are.

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Colourful Maohannimix Lithops Natural Live Succulent Plants  
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